Friday, July 12, 2013

Evolution of the Human Spirit pt.1

Evolution of the Human Spirit: a Life’s Journey to Enlightenment

Now I’m not the best at beginning things, but since I must begin somewhere, I’ll begin with this statement: One of the most influential artists of my time that I know of is a person by the name of Alex Grey. It would be an understatement to label him as just a ‘painter’ when, in my opinion; his work here on this planet far exceeds that. Some people have referred to him as a spiritual teacher. I refer to him as a shaman whose visionary insights have shined a light on extremely important aspects of ourselves, and our world that would normally be invisible to the untrained eye. His artwork has allowed me to confirm, and explore the new realm I’d entered into with the help of conscious expanding, psychedelic drugs like LSD and psychoactive mushrooms. The analogy of my ‘hallucinations’ and his depictions of the human spirit, and progression through life were all too similar to simply ignore. My life was forever changed. During my first psychedelic trip, I’ll never forget the infinite eyes that observed me, as I observed them. Everywhere, in everything, they watched me, and communicated with me for what felt like a million hours, and it was absolutely beautiful.

During my second trip, as well, I witnessed peculiar laser-type visuals, and vague sky beings that radiated feelings like; peace and hope for a Utopian society. When trying to explain what I was seeing to a friend, he seemed amazed by what he was hearing. He pulled up Alex Grey’s website and asked me if what I was seeing looked anything like the pictures that were on the screen. I was at a loss for words. Paintings like Grey’s, Dying, and Over-soul were almost identical to the visions of infinite eyes that I’d seen while under the influence of LSD. He began to explain that Alex Grey was a visionary artist, and the things I was seeing weren't just hallucinations. They were actual realms and dimensions of reality which have been explored before. The reason what I was seeing was so similar to what Grey had painted was because he’d seen the same things. My friend had seen the same things too. It was as if the drugs had taken us all to the same dream. It had given us all similar ideas. It gave us all hope. It was all I could think about. If places like this really did exist, I wanted to know more about them.

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